Monday, November 2nd, 2009 (updated 8 Mar ’13) | Brighton, England

Introducing Tied Entries, a new dimension for ExpressionEngine sites


You’re building a comprehensive web site in ExpressionEngine for a large church, where each ministry has activities, each activity holds events, and photos are taken at each event. You have a channel each for ministries, activities, events and photos. Photos have a relationship field linking to events, events to activities, and activities to ministries. You don’t want to enter redundant data, relating the photos to the ministry, because the system should already know that. But how does it? On the ministry homepage, how do you display the five latest photos from across that ministry’s events?

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Tied Entries replacing embedded templates at the site


With difficulty, has been the answer. With a series of embedded templates or a long SQL query in your template. But now it’s easy. The new Tied Entries plugin enables you to span the relationships and reverse relationships among fields and channels every which way using the most intuitive shorthand we could devise — see the docs for details. It’s literally a whole new dimension for ExpressionEngine sites.

The license per commercial ExpressionEngine license costs $20, and it’s free to try before you buy.