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Documentation for External Entries v2.6.4

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h4. v2.6.4 (2015 Apr 26) * now not using mysqli for connection to default db h4. v2.6.3 (2014 Oct 25) * changed PHP calls to MySQL to use mysqli after older PHP stopped working as of EE v2.9 h4. v2.6 (2013 Jul 23) * updated search:[col] parameter to work the same way ExpressionEngine's does h4. v2.5.2 (2012 Mar 8) * fixed bug where "random" value wasn't working in "orderby" parameter wasn't working (thanks to Marco Vazquez for pointing it out) h4. v2.5.1 (2012 Feb 7) * added addslash filtering for inserting or updating strings containing quotes h4. v2.5 (2011 Jul 13) * added OR functionality in the search:[column] parameter functionality using piping h4. v2.4.3 (2011 Apr 22) * added multiple values for "order by" parameter h4. v2.4.2 (2011 Apr 22) * fixed bug where if the values in search: parameters were the same only the last one was used * declared another variable to avoid PHP notices h4. v2.4.0 (2011 Apr 21) * fixed "distinct" parameter bug h4. v2.3.9 (2011 Apr 6) * added "distinct" parameter h4. v2.3.8 (2011 Jan 18) * enabled update function to contain no content and still update field h4. v2.3.7 (2010 Nov 8) * declared another variable to stop another error notice h4. v2.3.6 (2010 Sep 2) * declared some variables to stop error notices (thanks to jonhorton) h4. v2.3.5 (2010 Aug 16) * moved clean-up code for EEv2.x to stop php warnings when using plugin multiple times h4. v2.3.4 (2010 July 20) * added missing opening parenthesis h4. v2.3.3 (2010 July 13) * added connection parameter to enable persistent database connections h4. v2.3.2 (2010 Jun 30) * fixed bug where plugin could not be used more than once in a template tree in EE2 h4. v2.3.1 (2010 Jun 23) * fixed typographic bug that was breaking the plugin in EE2 h4. v2.3 (2010 Jun 15) * restructured plugin extensively to share code among the four functions and enable more robust debugging h4. v2.2.3 (2010 Apr 12) * added allow_php parameter to override variable cleaning and allow PHP h4. v2.2.2 (2010 Apr 9) * Added missed bit of SQL injection prevention (as spotted by Ruthie of h4. v2.2.1 (2010 Apr 7) * Added security measures: SQL Injection Prevention for all parameters and sanitization for variables in the Insert and Update functions h4. v2.1.1 (2010 Mar 3) * Limited bugfix for repeat use of plugin in EEv2 to only kick in when using EEv2 h4. v2.1 (2010 Mar 3) * Added delete functionality * Fixed bug where plugin could not be used more than once in a template on EEv2 h4. v2.0 (2010 Feb 9) Combined the functionality with that of the Update Entries and Insert Entries plugins and renamed the previous version as Select Entries h4. v1.3 (2010 Feb 7) * Now works with either EE v1.x or v2.x h4. v1.2 (2009 Dec 16) * Fixed where entries not being brought in from an external database


* add a way of easily nesting the plugin * add "like" functionality by adding "searchlike" parameter * add output of autoincrement values on insert function * add flush_cache parameter * add count function (requested by lukemcr)

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