Thursday, October 1st, 2009 | Brighton, England

Installation & configuration


rmed with a plan for the back-end, the rubber hits the road with the installation and configuration of the system chosen for the project.

Each system of course has its own way of doing things, and developing a plan on paper into an actual working system is always a bit of an act of translation. The likelihood of a successful realization of a plan within a particular system is increased mostly by one thing: experience with that system (smarts notwithstanding).’s experience is with ExpressionEngine—as users of its predecessor, pMachine, we’ve been using EE from the moment it was released.

With EE, the system itself needs to be installed, as well as the software it rests on (see the ExpressionEngine “Requirements”: page). Then we can install and configure the add-ons and build out the channels, fields, categories, statuses and member groups.

The entire process, with dependencies